Freedom & Fortune

Our Leadership Team

Eryka Santoyo

Business Development & Operations

Meet Eryka – a licensed real estate agent, seasoned investor, and Airbnb SuperHost with a diverse real estate portfolio and an unwavering passion for the industry. Eryka embarked on her real estate journey in 2019, and over the past four years, she’s amassed an impressive portfolio. With 23 units in Huntsville, AL, 4 self-managed Airbnbs in Joshua Tree, CA, and Gatlinburg, TN, and Freedom & Fortune on the Central Coast, Eryka has honed her expertise in an array of investment strategies, including rental real estate, BRRRR investing, multifamily investing, owner financing, and short-term rentals.

In 2022, she and her partners founded Freedom & Fortune, rapidly scaling to serve several short-term rentals from Paso Robles to Santa Barbara. The driving force behind her every endeavor is service – Eryka is committed to making homeownership accessible to all, whether that’s a primary residence, investment property, or Airbnb. Her Central Coast expertise, comprehensive knowledge of local markets and Airbnb regulations, and extensive investor experience position her perfectly to help others carve their path in real estate.

Joseph Breamer

Strategic Growth & Finance

Meet Joe, a real estate investor who has been enamored with the Central Coast since moving there for college in 2014. After earning his degree in Information Systems from Cal Poly, Joe became a self-appointed ambassador for the region, convincing many of his friends to share in its beauty and charm.

In 2019, Joe embarked on his real estate journey. Now, he co-owns 25+ rental properties with his wife Eryka and their partners. Joe’s understanding of the Central Coast lifestyle and analytical background allow him to make strategic investment decisions that have proven successful for their portfolio.

Joe’s passion for real estate is deeply rooted in his love for the freedom it provides, which he channels into his work at Freedom & Fortune. For Joe, it’s not just about managing properties; it’s about promoting a lifestyle of financial freedom and sharing the unique beauty of the Central Coast.

Whether he’s at the gym or on stage, Joe’s dedication to his interests is apparent. He brings this same level of commitment and energy to Freedom & Fortune, always striving to ensure that property owners and guests alike get the best possible experience.

Ruben Lopez

Digital Innovation & Client Success

Meet Ruben – a Central Coast native with a solid finance background and a wealth of local market knowledge. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Finance from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Ruben successfully navigated the multifamily investment scene out of state while also accumulating seven years of experience in the fast-paced world of tech.

This unique blend of experiences allows Ruben to bring a fresh perspective to property management. With a deep understanding of local market dynamics and a personal touch, Ruben guides clients through each step of their property investing journey.

When not navigating the real estate market, Ruben keeps himself grounded and disciplined through working out and cherishing quality time with his family. These personal pursuits remind him of the importance of balance in life and creating warm, inviting spaces for guests to enjoy. They fuel his commitment to sharing the unique lifestyle of the area with others and promoting the wealth-building potential of real estate.