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Your journey with Freedom & Fortune begins with an insightful conversation where we delve into your property details and discuss your aspirations. Following an in-depth analysis to gauge your property’s potential for short-term rental success, we embark on a partnership grounded in transparency and mutual benefit. 

Our dedicated team will navigate the deal development, contract agreement, and every subsequent phase down to launching your property on multiple platforms, ensuring a hassle-free and lucrative experience. 

Through continuous improvement, we aim for your property to thrive in the short-term rental market, reflecting our shared pursuit of financial freedom and fortune.

Our team conducts a comprehensive analysis considering various factors like location, property size, amenities, and local market conditions. 

This analysis includes a tailored estimate report highlighting your property’s estimated annual revenue and a summary of relevant local regulations, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your property’s potential in the short-term rental sphere.

Compliance is a cornerstone of our services. We assist with short-term rental permitting and licensing, monitor local ordinances and regulations continuously, and implement risk mitigation strategies to ensure legal compliance and minimize potential risks associated with your rental.
At Freedom & Fortune, we utilize advanced pricing algorithms combined with thorough market research and historical data analysis to set competitive rates. This strategy is engineered to maximize your earnings while maintaining desirable occupancy levels.
Our adept management team oversees 24/7 guest support and communication, reservation management and screening, pre-arrival tasks, as well as post-stay follow-ups and reviews, ensuring a seamless and exceptional guest experience.
Our management fee is a comprehensive package that includes a gamut of services such as property listing, guest communication, maintenance, and a 24/7 concierge service, ensuring both you and your guests have a seamless Airbnb experience.
In the event of property damage, our prompt response entails a thorough assessment and documentation of the damage, liaising with Airbnb’s host guarantee program, and ensuring a swift resolution, thereby prioritizing your property’s well-being.
Yes, we have nurtured relationships with a network of trusted vendors ensuring your property is maintained to the highest standards. From cleaning services to emergency repairs, our preferred vendors are committed to excellence.

Our management fee structure is designed with your net earnings in mind. We charge a fee on the net payout after excluding cleaning fees and platform fees. 

Unlike conventional flat fee structures, our model ensures that increases in ancillary fees like cleaning or platform charges don’t erode your profit margins. By focusing on core accommodation revenue, we foster a fair, transparent, and profitable partnership that reflects in higher net earnings for you.

Freedom & Fortune embodies a partnership rooted in prosperity, extending beyond transactional service to a holistic, investor-centric approach. As investors ourselves, we resonate with your aspirations, offering a comprehensive suite of services from market analysis to operational management.

Our transparent communication, dedicated owner relations support, and commitment to long-term wealth creation set the foundation for a thriving community of like-minded investors. 

With us, you’re not just entrusting your property to a management firm; you’re forming a partnership aimed at sustainable wealth creation and long-term financial prosperity. Our unique fee structure, which focuses on maximizing your net earnings, further underscores our dedication to your financial growth.

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