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About Us

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Our purpose is simple

At Freedom & Fortune, our purpose is simple yet profound:

We strive to make financial freedom and fortune attainable through real estate investing.

We’re not just property managers; we’re investors ourselves. 

We understand the transformative power of real estate. 

And we’re dedicated to sharing this journey with our clients, providing a smooth, stress-free, and profitable experience.

It started with a dream

In 2018, we embarked on an exciting journey in real estate, driven by a dream and a single property.

Fast forward to today, and we proudly oversee a diverse portfolio of 35+ units, ranging from single-family homes to multifamily properties.

Our expertise spans an array of investment strategies, including BRRRR investing, out-of-state investing, multifamily investing, owner-financing, and short-term rentals.

This transformative journey has granted us invaluable knowledge and experience, fueling our passion and commitment to the evolving world of real estate.

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Work with us

Let us help turn your property into a “passive” investment that is actually, well, passive.

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The dream is still alive

Today, Freedom & Fortune is a rapidly growing force in the short-term rental market, fueled by our commitment to helping local investors significantly boost their cash flow through short-term rental income.

We’re scaling strategically, always mindful of the balance between growth and quality of service.

Our comprehensive approach to managing short-term rental properties goes beyond passive care; we strive to nurture each property, ensuring it thrives as a consistent and profitable investment.

The future is bright

Looking ahead, our sights are set on a bold vision: to become the leading property management company for investors.

We aspire to serve a multitude of investors, empowering them to build cash flow, grow their equity, and ultimately lead more fulfilling lives. 

Our mission extends beyond simply expanding our own portfolio; we aim to cultivate a thriving community of like-minded investors, fostering a culture of abundance and prosperity.

Together, we’ll write the next chapter of your success story.

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Meet the people behind Freedom & Fortune